Inspirational innovative approaches to care and a focus on research into issues affecting seniors and those with chronic illness and disability are contributing to enhancing the lives of hundreds of patients at St. Peter's everyday.

For individuals who are coping with challenges associated with stroke, hip fracture, terminal illness, arthritis, amputation, traumatic injury, heart or kidney disease, dementia or neurological conditions, there is no quick cure, or high tech piece of equipment that will make them better. Traditional methods of care are not always an option for these patients.

That is why the staff and physicians at St. Peter’s are committed to finding ways to minimize and manage the daily effects of lifelong illness through a high touch, low tech approach to care. 

In 2013, a dedicated team of experts from St. Peter’s and McMaster University came together to research issues related to aging with the opening of the Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Sciences Centre (GERAS).

Through compassionate hands on caring and a focus on research, St. Peter’s is making great strides in developing a sustainable system of leading edge health care and rehabilitation services for seniors and those with chronic or irreversible illness. 

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AuthorLorenzo Somma