St. Joe's West 5th Campus – 100 West 5th St.

West 5th Campus, embodies St. Joseph’s vision to pioneer innovative models of care that will radically reduce stigma and barriers associated with mental illness and addiction. By integrating inpatient and outpatient mental health programs alongside outpatient medical services, research facilities and academic partnerships, St. Joe’s is delivering a new model of care not available anywhere else in the province.  West 5th is a place of hope and healing, of relationships and partnerships, and of visionary car.

For any questions, please contact Volunteer Resources at 905-522-1155 ext 31435

Placements Available at the West 5th Campus (availability will vary per semester):

  •  Inspiration Place – located offsite at 135 Rebecca St.

Inspiration Place operates with many similar philosophies to a Clubhouse with participants taking an active role in defining specific activities. Inspiration place is geared to individuals who are interested in maintaining a vocational productivity role and who may or may not be ready to enter the workforce. The focus of the program is to improve the quality of life for each person by creating opportunities to develop and enhance transferable vocational and life skills that will assist individuals in fully integrating within their community. The activities are designed to provide maximum flexibility to participants with vocational goals and a vocational network once they have moved on to employment in the community. There is also a weekly recreational component to Inspiration Place facilitated by a Recreation Therapist.

  • Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre

The ATRC is staffed by clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other professionals, as well as students and trainees from these disciplines. Patients referred to our clinic first undergo a thorough assessment.  A typical assessment involves a detailed diagnostic interview to help clarify the diagnosis, to assess anxiety problems in particular, and to examine psychological functioning. Psychiatric consultations may also be offered to provide further clarification of the problem and to help rule out medical causes that may be contributing to a person’s anxiety.  Based on these assessments, staff makes recommendations, which may include treatment at our Centre, by the referring doctor, at another clinic or agency, or no treatment at all.

  •  Human Resources – Benefits

Students will assist with Standard Operating Procedure flow charting, HR and long term disability file scanning, HR Benefits Job Shadowing & and SJHH orientation. Students will be exposed to basic use of computer software/hardware.  Duties will include flow procedure process charts & digitize/scan documentation. Students will learn basic benefits procedures; learn basic computer hardware software & learn how to convert hard copy data to digital format and become aware of employee orientation process.

  • Men’s Withdrawal Management Centre (MASH) – located offsite at 595 Main St. East

Men’s Addiction Service Hamilton is designed to assist men experiencing substance use issues with finding their own recovery.

  • Nursing Research Offices

Nursing Research is facilitated by a Clinical Nurse Specialist, who works with a variety of health disciplines from the clinical team as well as staff from other departments.  The roles of the Clinical Nurse Specialist includes practitioner, consultant, educator, researcher and leader.  As well students and trainees from a variety of disciplines may also be present for learning experiences. The scope of service would be focused on the Mental Health and Addiction Program.

  • Womankind – located offsite at 431 Whitney Ave.

Womankind Service is unique and is designed to help women with substance use issues to find their own recovery. Womankind serves women 16 and over, under 16 for withdrawal management needs consent, and support provided to families. Students will be exposed to withdrawal management services and Addiction treatments for women from all walks of life

AuthorLorenzo Somma