Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau is a service that connects employers to students in Hamilton. Employers are invited to speak about their careers to inspire career choices and to provide exposure to jobs and occupations to our future workforce. 

  • Teachers
  • Volunteers

Our program simplifies the task of finding and recruiting speakers. Just give us the topic, date and location and we will do the rest! 

Speakers benefit your students by:

  • Exposing them to a variety of careers so they can reach their personal and economic goals
  • Showing them the skills they need to realize their career goals
  • Encouraging students to stay in school and steer them towards a wide range of courses
  • Demonstrating the relevance of their current studies to their future lives and careers
  • Connecting them with someone from their own community

You can use this service to compliment cross-curricular activities. To book a speaker, please contact us at experience@iechamilton.ca or 905.529.4483 ext. 226 or simply fill out this online form and we will make all of the arrangements.  Please note, we request a minimum of 3-weeks notice to coordinate a volunteer speaker with your class.

Prepare for your future workforce now by highlighting your organization and chosen field to young people who are currently exploring and navigating their career-path.

How to Volunteer

Volunteering in this program is easy. You specify the number of times you are interested in visiting classrooms to discuss your career and we coordinate your speaking engagement with our local educators.

Becoming an IEC speaker:

  • Presents your organization to youth as an employer of choice
  • Creates interest in your sector
  • Allows you to act as a role model and mentor
  • Shows the community that you are a socially responsible individual
  • Strengthens your community bonds by inspiring young people