McMaster University Medical Centre is home to three major services: adult day clinics (medical and surgical); McMaster Children's Hospital (with pediatric specialists and a children's-only emergency department); and the Women’s Health Centre (with specialists in gynecology and obstetrics).

The Women’s Health Centre offers state-of-the-art services for gynecological issues. It is the regional centre for high-risk births, with a specialized critical care unit for women. It is also a centre for low risk births.

Adult day clinics include specialties in endoscopy and digestive health, and a major day surgery program. The Boris Clinic, an innovative internal medicine, multi-specialty adult outpatient clinic that combines clinical practice, research and teaching opened in 2014. Specialties in this clinic include endocrinology, diabetes and a rapid assessment clinic for adults requiring consultation after emergency visits, with further expansion in 2015.

McMaster Children’s Hospital is both an acute care and outpatient hospital. It has the largest neonatal intensive care units in the province, one of the largest child and youth mental health inpatient and day treatment programs, an emergency department just for children and youth, and is the regional centre for trauma treatment. The wide range of children’s clinics includes exercise and nutrition, cardiology, digestive health, and orthopedics, among others.

This medical centre plays a major role in the provision of health care services for Hamilton and the surrounding region of central-west Ontario. It is located on the campus of McMaster University. The hospital promotes family-centred care and fosters learning and innovation.

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AuthorLorenzo Somma