Advanced Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing within Hamilton has for many years represented the driving force of the local economy. In addition, it represents a significant provincial impact with an estimated $12 Billion annual effect or the equivalent of 4% of Ontario’s GDP.

An estimated 85,000 jobs are attributable to this cluster, with $5.6 Billion being injected into the local economy on an annual basis through salaries and wages.

Steel production and processing, heavy and general manufacturing, storage and warehousing represent the major industrial activities which predominate within the City. Well developed infrastructure which facilitates the production and movements of goods continues to be enhanced within the community.

The existing industrial base is exceptionally diverse and well positioned to address both local and global market challenges. The potential certainly exists for the manufacturing sector to continue to diversify and to address the many changes which are shaping the global economy. Strong leadership, innovation and expertise will remain the corner stones of a healthy advanced manufacturing cluster within the City of Hamilton.

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AuthorLorenzo Somma