estate 2017 is now concluded, say tuned for future opportunities.

 ‘Employer Skills Training Advantage To Employment’

A skills development program designed to fill specific workforce needs through focused, high level training, within 2 sectors identified in the Greater Hamilton Area. The sectors are:

(1) Advanced Manufacturing/CNC

(2) Mobile Industrial/Hydraulics - See Job Possibilities

Starting in May 2017, it will have a duration of 28 weeks classroom/shop integrated with on-site training with a partner company and guided by a ‘company mentor’. Training for the ‘company mentor’ concurrently to student training will facilitate an effective synergy through guided authentic experiential learning. This will shape skills development and fill specific skills gaps identified within the company. This co-training/mentoring model will support increased market competitiveness for the participating company and a well-trained employee.

Program candidates will be charged $350 for administrative purposes, with $200 refundable to successful graduates.

Need financial assistance while enrolled in the ESTATE program? Check to see if you qualify through Ontario Works at: