The IEC is a not-for-profit organization serving Greater Hamilton, devoted to fostering partnerships between business, industry, government, community and education to support experiential learning opportunities for all learners, through quality mentoring. 

In 2014, the IEC celebrates its 34th anniversary having served Hamilton with innovative ideas and enthusiasm since 1980. Our mission has always been to help young people transition from “learning to earning”.

Between 2010 and 2015, IEC will focus on two primary areas:

  1. To act as the catalyst and champion of programs that encourages students to participate in experiential learning and become exposed to a variety of career options. We believe this will help youth make career choices that are best suited to their individual interests and needs.

  2. To assist our local schools in advancing more partnerships in the community that will create more learning opportunities for all learners.

At any one moment there are thousands of young people in Hamilton considering their future.

Helping them find unique and meaningful career mentorship opportunities is a task that can only be accomplished through strong community partnerships. The variety of projects may range in length of time but are all focused toward helping our youth explore career options, develop character and making the right choices. 

Increasingly, IEC serves to facilitate and create conditions that link our partners, assisting them to meet these goals while further engaging the broader community.  IEC looks to be the partner of choice for all who share those values and is determined to work collaboratively to achieve tangible results.