Alumni Mentorship Program (A.M.P.)

IEC Hamilton has been graciously awarded a 3 ½ year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to create a broadly based volunteer career mentorship program for the youth of our community.  

This program is only possible with the assistance provided by the partnerships formed with the Alumni Associations of Mohawk College, Redeemer College University, and McMaster University.  IEC’s Alumni Mentorship Program (A.M.P.) provides  a meaningful activity for graduates of the three post-secondary institutions to engage in youth mentorship. A.M.P. aims to be a powerful community building success story.  Alumni Mentors will represent a broad spectrum of both ages and careers and will come from all cultures and backgrounds.  The combination of these traits will make them ideal examples of diversity in action and consequently, an extraordinarily valuable mentorship base for our youth audience.

For the youth in our community, this program means that they will have access to a specific group of mentors who, despite their successes, will have come from a broad range of economic, cultural, social, family and career backgrounds.   

The program consists of three parts: large group, small group, and one-on-one career mentoring.  Within each of the sections, youth will be introduced to a variety of jobs, careers and pathways.  They will learn directly from professionals in the field and have the opportunity to experience real-life, hands-on workplace situations.  The youth involved in the program will be encouraged to ask questions, think critically and consider each career as presented to determine if it would fit within their own career paths.

Youth will also be given the opportunity to learn about and involve themselves in the entrepreneurial world and learn what it means to be social entrepreneurs.