“By participating in career mentoring you get an educated, informed,
and experienced work force.”


Werner Plessl, Executive Director
Hamilton Waterfront Trust
Career Mentor since 2001

Werner has been involved in career mentoring since 2001 and feels that the better informed the students are of careers, the better chance they have of making the right decision for their career paths.  

He knows that the best way of learning about jobs and what is available out there is by actually experiencing it out in the field.  “It is a benefit for us because we do get some extra help, but the main thing is that the youth involved get a sample of what it’s like in the industry”, says Werner. 

Participating in career mentoring also benefits Werner when he is hiring for summer and seasonal jobs at the Waterfront Trust.  “I have had these students do co-op placements here in the past so I know how they work which is easier to find the right employees.”