“I believe that these students have a passion, and if we as mentors give them these opportunities to show case their skills, it will create a pathway for them.”


Victoria Long-Wincenza, Teens Art Foundation Program Instructor
Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts
Career Mentor since 1999

Victoria got involved in career mentoring in 1999 and considers this a big part of what her organization does.  The programs delivered at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts have been structured in such a way to include various components of career mentorship which has allowed her to inspire young people in our community.  “I enjoy teaching my co-op students how to become perfect mentors so that they can take these skills and apply them to our future workforce”, says Victoria.

Always aiming to build their Arts roster, mentoring has benefited Victoria’s business very much.  “There are so many career possibilities in our institution and we are always looking for people with our model, our approach, and our sensibility. Mentorship is an advantage for us. Hamilton has a vision and value for a creative work force. Mentors are the link to show those career potentials. You as a mentor can set the passion in a student to drive them forward in life.”