“By giving the students the opportunity you will benefit more than the student will. They come with energy, ideas, and enthusiasm that’s contagious and it builds morale.”


Sue Dorotea, Supervisor
Pumpkin Patch Day Care Centre
Career Mentor since 1996

In 1996 Sue took a co-op student without knowing what to expect.  She quickly realized that they were an amazing addition and they were able to do things that she didn’t expect them to do.  “We have been really happy with the co-op students.  We are able to see them through their program and graduate,” says Sue.

Students have contributed great ideas which has assisted Pumpkin Patch maintain their fresh and innovative programming.  Sue has created an environment where co-op students are treated as part of the team.  “After a student has been here for 2 months they do a learning circle and they take it seriously. We believe that if you want to be in the field you have to live it.”

Regarding teacher/children ratios “that one extra person allows us to do much more with the children. It gives us time to do more documentation and provides more flexibility. These co-op students have grown up with us and trained with us and then we hire them, since they came in from the ground up.”