“By putting ourselves out there we get recognized for what we do, students are sent from all over because they like what we do here.”


Stewart Henderson, Certified Welder
Advanced Welding Techniques
Career Mentor since 2000

Stewart has been involved in career mentoring since 2000 and feels that co-op opportunities provide students with a chance to achieve goals as well as learn about the importance of a strong work ethic.  “These opportunities give students an idea of what the work force is really going to be like. Co-op is not like a school environment, it’s a workforce and we try and treat them as an employee”, says Stewart.

Stewart believes that participating in career mentoring strengthens Hamilton’s future economy by training students for existing and emerging businesses.  “If students have opportunities here in Hamilton and the surrounding area they won’t want to leave to find viable employment elsewhere.”

“For employers that are thinking of participation in career mentoring my advice would be to just try it and see how it goes.” say Stewart. If you don’t try it you won’t know if your business can benefit from it. You might find that the program is really successful.