“An important part of career mentorship is communication - it’s about finding that common ground and seeing what we both want out of this.”


Steve Ledlie, Owner
Ledlie Construction Ltd.
Career Mentor since 1996

Steve is a general contractor and has been working with co-op students since 1996 and enjoys the experience. His inspiration for being a career mentor is the fact that he can get someone that is on the cusp of their career who is interested in learning.

Giving back to the community is something that is very key and important to Steve, and he believes that everyone should give back.  He admits that down the road his students become assets and that he has confidence in knowing that things are done by his standards and in the proper way.  “If they stay with you that’s phenomenal, and if they decide to go into the world at least you know you have a contactor that cares”.

For Steve, it’s about looking for that ‘spark’ so he can develop it. The satisfaction comes from seeing students discover the enjoyment in what they do.