“My goal is to show students that no job is easy and it is more than
just being a mechanic.”


Sean and Felix Rossignol, Owners
Felix Automotive Co.
Career Mentor since 1998

Sean and Felix have been involved in career mentorship since 1998.  Why did they get involved?  Like so many other organizations, they saw the benefit after Sean went through a similar mentoring program and wanted to return the favour to the students in our community.

What they found was that by providing the opportunity for students to learn from them, that their business benefitted as the students are a huge asset to the day-to-day operations of their business.   “It’s a win-win situation for both the students and for me.  They are prepared to learn, and have fresh ideas.  Some students, once they have completed their co-op placement, have even been hired on to join our team.   This program allows us to train potential future employees”, says Sean.

What’s their advice for employers thinking of career mentoring?  “If students are willing to learn then don’t hesitate, bring them in”, says Sean and Felix. “Give the students a chance to prove themselves, show off their skills, and learn.”