“These are the people that will be working for us in the next ten years so it is my responsibility now to educate and teach them my way of doing things in this job.”


John Williamson, Plant Manager
Walter’s Inc.
Career Mentor since 2003

Since 2003, John has been actively promoting the skilled trades and training our future apprentices by being a career mentor. 

“I don’t believe that there is enough interest in the trades.  Not a lot of people pay attention to Hamilton’s economy.  We need to think about tomorrow,” says John.  His past experiences motivated him to help students by helping them become aware of the realities of work.

A partner in education, John is able to compliment students’ academic training by providing them with his industry’s applied knowledge and skills.  He firmly believes that career mentorship will strengthen Hamilton’s economy because career mentors play a key role in educating and training future employees.  “Instead of spending all our time telling kids that they’re doing their job wrong, we need to teach them how to do it right and how to improve.”