“With the aging workforce, you are getting people in that are young and have fresh mentality, but also have the target market mentalities that we are going after”

Jeff Bakker, Baxter Corporation
Career Mentor since 2009

Jeff has been involved with career mentorship since 2009 and, like so many young professionals, was inspired to provide students with the same kind of mentoring opportunity that he received when he was in school.  Essentially he is ‘paying it forward’ as he found, through his own experience as a ‘mentee’, it was valuable to speak with someone that had the experience, the same thoughts and feelings in the same point in life. 

Jeff is now in a position to share his own knowledge and experiences with his potential future workforce.  “It is enriching to be working with students that have lots of energy and has the world of life in front of them.  It’s motivating and inspiring and they are so appreciative,” says Jeff.

Professionally speaking, he indentifies that being a career mentor has assisted him with understanding how people learn, how to develop employee skills and has provided him with a broader prospective of how to develop people’s talents – all of which will greatly enhance Jeff’s position and future within Baxter Corporation.