“We have a responsibility to pass the torch, so I would ask employers to consider that responsibility because everyone has something to offer, so pass it on.”


Donna Marcaccio, Executive Director
Rygiel Supports for Community Living
Career Mentor since 1986

Donna became a career mentor, in 1986, because of the opportunities she received as a student.  These experiences allowed her to discover her passion; which lead to a career in helping people.  Her commitment to students is strong as she believes that career mentorship is an effective way for young people to know what options are out there.  “I see this as an opportunity for people to connect, learn, and break down stereotypes.  The developmental services sector is not a popular sector to get into – career mentorship is a chance to open doors for people to understand other sectors in the community”, says Donna.  

Donna believes that a critical component in the sustainability of our community includes career mentorship.  She has seen firsthand how mentoring young people enriches existing services while allowing our future workforce the opportunity to develop their leadership skills needed to carry on the good work that happens here, no matter what sector or profession.

“It’s a win-win.  Any young person coming in brings in questions and enthusiasm and in return, we are giving them experience”.