“Career mentoring has changed me because I find myself wanting to show a perfect
and positive example for these students.”

Diane Bajus-Harrison, Supervisor
Delta Honey Bears Co-operative Pre-School
Career Mentor since 1995

Diane has been involved in career mentoring since 1995, and has a preschool located in Delta High School. “I want to show these students that they have an opportunity to have the experience they need right here. I give them the opportunity to work in their community so they don’t have to go out to other schools which can be difficult for some.”, says Daine.

The relationship between a co-op student and their mentor is very important because, as Diane indentifies, “whatever they learn here will be used in their future workforce”.  She believes that participating in career mentoring can strengthen Hamilton’s future economy by keeping the students here.  “We can make them feel at home, they grew up here, they trained here, and they should work here”, says Diane.

In addition to co-op students being an extra pair of hands, Diane has learned from them, just as they have learned from her.  “Giving these students an opportunity to experience what they want can really make a difference now, and in the future.”