“You become involved and have a better connection to your community
opportunities to strengthen education.”

Brenda Ferguson, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs
Today’s Family Early Learning and Childcare
Career Mentor since 2006

Brenda has been actively preparing Hamilton’s future workforce since 2006.  How?  By offering co-op placements, work experience and hiring youth during the summer.  She got involved in career mentorship because she wanted youth in our community to see what fits for them and also find where they fit in.

She feels it is important to provide students with an environment to develop their work skills and habits. In fact, she finds that the hands-on co-op placement actually creates a better employee, which helps her down the road when hiring new early childhood educators.

Brenda believes that everyone should come into career mentorship with an open mind, and really try and make it a meaningful placement for the students. “You should find out what their skill sets are and what they want to learn, and then meet in the middle.” She adds, “There is also an opportunity for you to gain some new skills – we learn from them just as much as they learn from us.”