Garwood-Jones and Hanham Architects Connecting with the Future Workforce

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We usually don’t think about the work that goes on, behind the scenes, to design houses, buildings and the general infrastructure in our city. Just like the rest of us, young people live, learn and play in these places, but how often do they talk to the architects who plan and design their homes, schools or playgrounds? IEC believes that, in order to inspire young people and to showcase career options that are related to this field, it is important to connect them with the professionals who can give them a first-hand look at what they do. 

With this in mind, on November 25, 2011, IEC organized a workplace tour at Garwood-Jones and Hanham Architects, which is a partnership of award-winning architects specializing in institutional facilities for healthcare, sports/recreation, housing, education, and religion.

Students from St. Mary and Westdale Secondary Schools took advantage of this opportunity and met with Graham McNally, Intern Architect at the firm, who provided them with a quick historical overview of Architecture, the value of the profession and what it takes to become an architect. McNally also showcased other related careers like Architectural Technologist, Interior Designer, Spec Writer and Contractors. 

McNally shared with the students his career journey. Interestingly, when he was in high school he did his co-op placement at Garwood-Jones and Hanham Architects - his current employer. He said his co-op experience is one of the things that confirmed his interest in Architecture, which is a good example of how experiential learning opportunities like co-op are beneficial for employers in the long-run.  “I believe that it is important for architects to educate the public as to what architects do so that our value, in the public's eye, is maintained or increased’, says McNally.

IEC organized this workplace tour as part of Experiential Learning Week that took place during the week of November 21 to 25. If your business or organization is interested in providing workplace tours and other experiential learning opportunities for students in the field of your interest, contact IEC. We will walk you through how you can inspire today’s youth while showcasing your business and industry for the next generation of our workforce.

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